Every change means a step towards what they truly want to be.

Many people from Brasov have already chosen to make a change. They have chosen Sunnyville Residence. Now, Sunnyville Garden, our second project, keeps the same quality and comfort.

The architect’s statement

“I prefer a septic architecture, one that corrects, so it is a correct architecture. For me, architecture is the way in which you build the world in the manner you wish to see it. We wanted people to see Sunnyville Garden as a combination between nature, comfort and urban. It is another way of living.”

imagine profil arhitect bogdan drig

Bogdan Drig


The developer’s statement

“It is a challenge to build homes through which to establish quality standards that truly bring added value to our lives. It is a challenge that we embrace in all our projects and Sunnyville Brasov is not an exception. I believe that the time has come for Brasov to benefit from a new standard of living. Here, we will not only invest millions of euros, but also our experience of over 12 years in developing real estate.”

imagine profil ceo wallberg valentin morar

Valentin Morar

CEO of Wallberg

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