No flats resemble another apartment. In addition, each apartment is built with individual walls.

Arad Plaza is the choice of those looking for an intelligent investment and an avant-garde lifestyle. The Nordic inspirational design, high-quality materials, as well as the ultra-central location redefine the comfort of an apartment to the highest standards.

Arad Plaza is a project that keeps its value for generations.

The architect’s statement

“Intimacy is also accentuated by the double masonry between the apartments, but also by the fact that the common spaces have been designed to provide the passage function, less of a parking space, ensuring the individuality and discretion of the living quarters, but also impressive landscaping. All units are designed in harmony with the natural light and landscaping of the ensemble. Arad Plaza apartments integrate the smart home concept using the world’s most advanced system currently available on the international market that allows remote control of the inside’s temperature.”

imagine profil arhitect bogdan drig

Bogdan Drig


The developer’s statement

“Our project is the first major residential complex with a truly premium location that meets international standards for this category of housing, in terms of concept, size, quality, facilities, parking and energy efficiency. It was much more handy, both in terms of speed of development and absorption, but also of the profitability of building a project on the average segment. We have chosen to take the responsibility to develop a special project for the local community, to make a contribution to Arad’s heritage, enriching it. We build lasting living concepts through a project set to stand proud even in the next century.”

imagine profil ceo wallberg valentin morar

Valentin Morar

CEO of Wallberg

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