Bourgeois is a great innovative concept, a brave Art-Nouveau architectural reinterpretation, a real bourgeois house.

Arad has always been a bourgeois city. It is enough to look at the monumental buildings and the history of the this city’s industry. The bourgeoisie has always chosen to live by and enjoy aristocratic life. It is time to revive this. Wallberg Properties is developing a new project on May 9 Street. A special project, where we invest more than 10 years of experience in real estate development.

The architect’s statement

“Along with the exceptional location, Bourgeois Residence is a great architectural concept with bold, distinctive lines, that is defying monotony and is differentiating itself in the urban landscape of Arad. The building offers a high standard of living and it is designed for families, with only 14 apartments, mostly with 3 rooms. At the last level there is a penthouse apartment with a very generous terrace, whose future owners will enjoy a unique view over the Mureş river and will have access to the apartment directly from lift.”

imagine profil arhitect bogdan drig

Bogdan Drig


The developer’s statement

The whole project is special, first of all because of its location on the Mureş river bank in the luxury boutique district between Boul Roşu and Traian Bridge. It is an area appreciated in Arad as being one of the best areas for living in the whole city. Everything is nearby, just a few minutes away. It is an area where people can relax, go for a walk, jog or ride their bicycles together with their children.”

imagine profil ceo wallberg valentin morar

Valentin Morar

CEO of Wallberg